About us

Hi! We are Mark & Marjon Emery.

Join us in converting cementeries into much needed forests.

Your future after-life as a tree will give back to earth.

About Us

We are on the quest to shifting the standard thought process of when either yourself, a loved one, or much loved pet pass on, that we need to be buried in a cemetery.

Now thanks to the Bios-Urn you can nurture your loved one, by planting a living tree that represents giving back to Earth. Enjoy watching it grow, and know that your loved ones energy lives on. Or you may choose to donate your tree to be, to a place that needs re-foresting.

Economically and ecologically cemeteries are costly to run and taxing on the environment. Some cemeteries take up valuable land space and pardon the pun, dead of any life other than ugly concrete headstones, and plastic flowers.

Bios-Urn is an eco-alternative, which can be purchased for safe keeping by anyone at any-time.

We know for certain if we had the choice at the time of our loved one passing we would have chosen Bios-Urn, but more importantly we know our loved one would have chosen it also.

It just makes sense on every level. Join us and many more to be a Tree to Be.

Mark & Marjon, Regenerating Life.

Bios Urn is a company driven by Gerard and Roger Moliné, two brothers that believes design, in conjunction with nature, has the ability to change the world. Supported by more than 15 years of natural projects, Bios offers a smart, sustainable and eco-friendly solution to approach an inevitable phase of human life. Bios aims to change the way people see death, converting the “end of life” into a transformative process and promoting a return to life through nature.
Behind the company lies a two-man studio that seek to explore and improve humans habits through a constant dialogue with nature. Roger and Gerard Moliné have demonstrated this particular point of view in Naturalment – Thinking Nature. Naturalment is an art exhibition that explores natural materials, shapes and processes to understand the inner logic and workings of nature. The same logic that can then be applied to products and humans habits. Read more about naturalment.