Bios Urn Human


Bios Urn is available for humans and for pets. The price includes an original Bios Urn.

Due to Australia's quarantine laws, diverse country landscape and climatic conditions we are unable to supply the seeds.

Below are a few ideas on choosing your loved ones tree. Note, these are merely suggestions, any tree, plant, shrub or bush can be chosen, just ensure it is suitable to grow in the chosen location.

Choose seeds or seedlings from your local native nursery.

There is a growing awareness of people planting their beloved pet or loved on in a special place, so be sure to explain to your local nursery what you plan to use your seed or seedling for. They are the best equipped to give you advise to ensure your loved one grows Back to Life.

Our pets are part of our family.

The Bios Pet Urn turns burial into regeneration and a return to life through nature.

Is this Urn for a Human or Pet?